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Welcome to the Mavericks!

The Mavericks are a club for all RV owners and enthusiasts primarily from California’s central valley. From Bakersfield to Sacramento and beyond, all RV owners are welcome! The Mavericks will hold several outings per year with members volunteering to coordinate the event. Scheduled outings will be listed on this site.

The Mavericks were originally a chapter of the Alfa Owners Club known as Sundancers. With the demise of the Alfa manufacturer, the Mavericks opened membership to all RVers. The club's purpose is the promotion of good fellowship, fun and companionship among RV owners at regularly scheduled or specially planned gatherings. The club's membership is comprised of owners of RV's ranging from early model 5th wheel units to high end diesel pushers. We are a purely social RV club that enjoys visiting and experiencing outings generally within our Central California region and beyond.

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Stay tuned!